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This blog denounces criminal and civil misconducts perpetrated against Prof. R. M. Santilli and other scientists by a "minority" of Jewish "scientists", with the understanding that the "majority" of Jewish "scientists," as well as of the Jewish community at large, are composed by decent law abiding citizens, some of whom are actually supporting Santilli's research. Also, this blog is released under the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution which protects freedom of expression, particularly when intended to defend democracy, law and society, with the understanding that the blog has been written by Christians who support the State of Israel, as well as all other independent states, and abhor violence against anybody, including Jews. The presentation of evidence dismissing the allegations is encouraged.

How the Jewish community has controlled for one century, research in cosmology, particle physics and gravitation by misusing trillions of taxpayer dollars:

Life Threats to Prof. R. M. Santilli by Fanatic Jews:

1. Fifty years of research by R. M. Santilli.
As a result of fifty years of intense and innovative research, the Italian-American scientist Prof. Ruggero Maria Santilli, formerly from Boston University, MIT, Harvard University, and other leading institutions around the world (see his Curriculumm Honors, Nominations, and Archives) surpassed Einstein special relativity at the mathematical, theoretical, experimental and industrial levels, not for the exterior dynamical conditions studied by Einstein (time reversal invariant systems of point particles and elm waves in vacuum such as an electron of the H-atom, a proton ion a particle accelerator, etc.), but for interior dynamical conditions dramatically beyond Einstein's exterior conditions (time irreversible systems of extended particles and elm waves moving within physical media such as nuclear fusion, extended protons in the structure of nuclei or stars, et al.). These advances are reviewed by numerous independent authors, such as the 503 page long monograph by I. Gandzha and J Kadeisvili, New Sciences for a New Era: Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of Ruggero Maria Santilli,Sankata Printing Press, Nepal (2011).

Among a number of scientific and industrial applications, Santilli studies have implied:

I) The mathematical, theoretical and experimental confirmation of the known (but ignored for one century) view by Einstein, Hubble, Hoyle, Zwicky, Fermi, de Broglie and other famous scientists on the lack of expansion of the universe, with consequential lack of applicability of SR in cosmology and the apparent waste of billions of dollars of taxpayer money over the past century;

II) The confirmation of the known (but equally ignored for about one century) inapplicability of SR within the hyperdense media in the stricture of hadrons and in high energy scattering regions, with consequential misuse of additional billions of dollars of taxpayer money;

III) The confirmation of the well known (but also ignored for one century) historical "physical" inconsistencies of Einstein GR, with the consequential misuse of billions of additional dollars of public funds over the past century;

IV) The achievement of the first and only known "classical" (as well as operator) representation of "neutral" (as well as charged) antimatter via Santilli isodual theory of antimatter, by recalling that, unlike Santilli's isodual map, charge conjugation is catastrophically inconsistent with matter-antimatter annihilation and has been imposed for about one century because it allows the extension of SR to a field, that of antimatter 0, which did not exist during Einstein times;

V) The first known industrial development of an "American fuel" (because synthesized from American feedstock) achieving full combustion, New Fuels; the first known industrial synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas intended for national security discussed below, and other industrial applications all based on the structural generalization of Einstein s theories for the above indicated interior conditions.

Since all the above studies are aimed at the development of new clean energies and fuel, thus mandating the indicated irreversible generalization of Einstein's theory, Santilli has been the victim throughout his life of the wrath of organized interests on Einstein reported below.

2. Organized Jewish scientific crimes at Harvard University and MIT
After leaving in 1974 Boston University with the title of Associate Professor of Physics, and following a four year stay at MIT, on September 8, 1978 Santilli joined Harvard University under DOE support with contracts ER-78-S-02-47420.A000, AS02-78ER04742, DE-AC02-80ER1065, DE-AC02-80ER-1065.A001, and DE-AC02-80ER.1065.

As admitted by serious scientists, all theories based on Lie algebras (including SR and QM) are reversible over time, while all energy releasing processes are notoriously irreversible over time. In view of evident environmental and industrial implications, the Department of "Energy" requested . Santilli to continue his studies on the Lie-admissible covering of Lie's theories initiated during his Ph. D. studies in the 1960s, because Lie-admissible formulations assure a consistent representation of irreversible processes.

Despite their evident social, let alone scientific value of the DOE request, Harvard's Jewish physicist Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow, Sidney Coleman et al. strenuously opposed the will of the United States of America by publicly dubbing Santilli's studies on irreversibility as having "no physical value.

This fanatic opposition to the will of the United States of America reached such hysterical level to cause serious harm to Santilli children, then (not now!) in tender age, and cause a number of additional highly questionable events.

The reason for this libelous and slanderous conduct by said Jewish physicists was that studies on irreversibility imply the necessary surpassing of their beloved Einstein's theory that, in the case at hand, would have been achieved by a non-Jew such as Santilli said opposition was fanatic because perpetrated in complete oblivion of the indicated huge environmental and industrial implications. in short, S. Weinberg, S. Glashow, S. Coleman et al did spit on clear societal, let alone scientific and industrial need for the pure pursuit of unethical Jewish interests in science.

Since organized Jewish interests never-ever change their scientific schemes, no matter how unethical they are, the study of Santilli Lie-admissible formulations for irreversible, energy releasing processes are still prohibited on a world wide basis.

In full alignment with Harvard, MIT Jewish physicists headed by Herman Feshback opposed the second crucial will of the United States of America, namely, the study by Santilli of "extended" and therefore "deformable" protons and neutrons in nuclear structures and nuclear reactions, including nuclear fusions.

The opposition of the indicated nuclear studies by MIT Jewish physicists, and their brothers around the world, also reached hysterical levels, such as the internationally known theatrical prohibition of H. Rauch, director of the Atom Institute in Wien, Austria, to access his own laboratory at the University of Grenoble, France, for the confirmation of the deformability of neutrons via neutron interferometry that he had indicated on preliminary basis at a 1981 scientific meeting organized by Santilli at Harvard.

he non-educated reader should know that the experimental verification of Fermi's historical hypothesis of the deformability of the charge distribution of protons and neutrons under sufficiently strong external forces would have implied the irreconcilable abandonment of Einstein special relativity and quantum mechanics, ergo the hysterical and theatrical conduct.

By recalling again that organized Jewish interest never change their scientific scheme, the prohibition to achieve an experimental confirmation of the deformability of protons and neutrons remains in full force and effect in all nuclear and particle physics laboratories around the world, while denying the clear historical and scientific need for said experiments.

True Americans should be aware that perfectly rigid bodies do not exist in nature. Therefore, we may discuss the amount of deformation of protons and neutrons under given external forces, but not its existence. This evidence establishes the tortuous interference in Governmental projects by the MIT Jewish physicist Herman Feshback and his brothers at MIT and around the world.

After leaving with disgust the Cantabridgean academic community, Santilli denounced the above clear acts of organized scientific crimes in his 19984 book (in English) Il Grande Grido - - Ethical Problem of Einstein followers in the U.S.A: An Insider's View., including three volume of 1435 pages of documentation.

In the above works, Santilli reported facts with real names, although without ever identifying their Jewish nature (in fact, the word "Jew" does not appear in the above quoted denunciations). we should also note that these denunciations received an excellent review by The Harvard Crimson with the editorial The Politics of Science,. Additional supportive reviews were released around the world.

3. Organized scientific crimes by the Jewish scientific community
Immediately following the release in late 1994 of Il Grande Grido, despite the lack of identification of the Jewish nature of the identified physicists, the world wide Jewish scientific community started to call Santilli "antisemitic."

On that ground, Santilli suffered the prohibition to publish papers in the Jewish controlled journals of the American, British, Italian , Russia and other physical societies, in which journals Santilli had regularly published papers until the appearance of Il Grande Grido, and said prohibition still stands to this day,. some thirty two years later.

Among acts of sheers scientific discrimination against Prof. Santilli following Il Grande Grido, all acts perpetrated with total impunity, we mention the prohibition for Santilli to attend the 1992 Workshop on Hadronic Mechanics namely, a workshop on a discipline created by Santilli on which is was and still is the primary contributor.

The workshop was held at the University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls under public financial support. The main organizer of the meeting, the mathematician H., C. Myung (an expert of Lie-admissible algebras and Santilli's long time associate) left the U.S.A. in disgust and returned to his native Korea.

The documentation of the scientific crimes perpetrated by the Jewish scientific community following 1984 to maintain Einstein's' theories via schemes under conditions they do not belong,are reported and documented by Santilli in the 2008 upgrade of Il Grande Grido.

4.Criminal and civil violations of political claims of antisemitism.
The first reason for releasing this blog is to stress that the widespread Jewish claim of Santilli being "antisemitic" is a violation of U. S. criminal and civil Laws on grounds of libel, slander, tortuous interference et al. because "antisemitism" means "hate against all Jews." Therefore, scientific criticisms of a few Jewish crooks is certainly not sufficient ground to claim hate for all Jews.

In reality, as everybody knows, Santilli is called antisemitic to oppose his surpassing of Einstein's theories while not being a Jew. Hence, claims of antisemitism, in this case, constitutes tortuous interference on due scientific process with the serious consequence of misusing billions of dollars of taxpayers money just to serve unethical Jewish interests on Einstein and protects their jobs and federal grants.

In reality, the accusation of antisemitism for purely scientific disputes, besides being a scientific crime that can be prosecuted in court, is a clear exploitation by Jews of the Holocaust.

As everybody knows, the Jewish community in America keeps a "black list" of all persons they claim to be antisemitic, which list includes: President Barak Obama; presidential candidate Donal Trump; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Henry Ford; and numerous other celebrities.

It is also known and documented that a similar black list is kept by the Jewish financial community in Wall Street, and that publicly traded U. S. companies suffer clear discriminations from Jewish financial institutions when any of their owners is listed as antisemitic.

Very damaging for the Jewish community is the fact that the Santilli family is on record in Italy to have saved the lives of Jews escaping the Nazis during WWII (e.g., the Jewish banker Mr,. Bologna was saved by them), Prof. Santilli being then the child bringing food to their hide amidst Nazi shrapnel for which he still carries scars in his body.

Yet, when Santilli reached the Cantabridgean scientific community, local Jews just spat on him because, to avoid claim of antisemitism, you have to serve them no matter how unethical their aims are.

This is to inform the scientific community that hereon we intent to prosecute in criminal and civil court for tortuous interference in due scientific process and other charges, any additional claim that Santilli is antisemitic.

5. Organized scientific crimes by the Jewish control of Wikipedia
From the late 1990s on, the main organizers of the tortuous interference on Santilli's surpassing of Einstein theories at the mathematical, theoretical and experimental levels while not being a Jew has been done by Wikipedia Jewish editors Arthur Rubin, David Epstein, Mark Bernstein and their servants who have studiously dubbed as "fringe" . in Santilli's article all discoveries by Santilli including technologies traded at NASDAQ!!

Jointly, said Jewish editors hail to the sky in Wikipedia hyperbolic hypotheses, such us the incredible chain of hyperbolic conjectures of orthodox cosmology, because compatible with their beloved Einstein theories, often in complete oblivion of their experimental dismissal in refereed journals.

Since Wikipedia is widely perceived in the world as being an "American Institution," and its Jewish control in science is never-0ever mention, particularly damaging to America is the conduct of the Jewish editor A. Rubin, D. Epstein and M. Bernstein when the dub as "fringe" Zwicky's hypothesis of Tired Light in complete oblivion of its experimental verification on Earth by Santilli and his associates with measurements in two continents, Santilli IsoRedShift.

The clear reason for this abuse of what was supposed to be an American Institutions, is always the same: maintain Einstein's theories when hey do not belong via abuses and violation of U.S. Laws, In fact, Zwicky's hypothesis implies the violation of SR in intergalactic media (light losing energy to the medium thus not being universally constant as requested by SR), in favor of covering theory not authored by Jews.

The indicated Jewish editors of Wikipedia have stubbornly rejected hundreds of requests by scientists all of the world to remove the qualification of "fringe" in Santilli's article and at least quote without endorsement some of his discoveries and experimental verification.

Since this organized scientific crime by the Jewish control, of Wikipedia has been going on for fifteen years (!!) with no correction whatsoever, there have been endless denunciation of wrongdoing in the Talk section of Santilli article.

These denunciation, however, are immediately trashed by said Jewish controller in violation of Wikipedia rules for which they could not care less (all comments for Santilli's article rejected by the editors should at least be transferred to the History section and never totally removed from all records according to Wikipedia rules).

Therefore, authors of denunciations generally in the Talk section of Santilli article generally screen their comments and propagate them in this way via emails to the scientific community, as it is the case for the following post in the Talk section of Santilli's article

6. Organized scientific crimes perpetrated by the Jewish control of the AIP
The second reason that mandated this blog has been the truly incredible organized scientific crimes perpetrated by the Jewish control of the American Institute of Physics against Santilli and numerous other distinguished senior scientists around the world.

Following four years of participation, Santilli and his group organized a session 'New Sciences for a new Era" at the 2014 ICNAAM Conference held in Rhodes, Greece, with proceedings published by the AIP.

In this conference, there were dozens of papers and talks by scientists from many countries carrying the name "Santilli" in their very titles, let alone their content, as one can see from the Program of ICNAAM 2014.

Since this huge scientific success of Santilli's mathematical, theoretical, experimental and industrial surpassing of Einstein;s theories (also visible from the Santilli Scientific Archives) is incontrovertible evidence of the organized scientific crimes perpetrated by Jewish editors at Wikipedia, the Jewish control of the AIP got into the act to prohibit the continuation of such a success by a non-Jew such as Santilli.

In fact, in connection with the 2015 ICNAAM Conference said Jewish control of the AIP repeatedly and insistently harassed its organizer, Theodore Simos, by "ordering" him not to allow the "submission" (!!) additional contributions in the AIP proceedings on Santilli;s theory.

The Jewish control of the AIP perpetrated this organized scientific crime by via threats of not publishing the proceeding of the entire ICNAAM conferences in the event their "orders" had not been obeyed.

Due to impunity dating back to the Manhattan project, the Jewish control of the AIP went to such ominous and immoral extremes to prohibit Simos from accepting the "donation" by the R. M. Santilli Foundation of the conference bags for all participants of the 2015 meeting because they were carrying the printed statement

Celebrating the twentieth Anniversary of IsoMathematics,
P. Vetro Editor, Rendiconti Circolo Matematico di Palermo,
Special issue 42, 1996

Additionally, the Jewish control of the AIP forced the organizers, again under threats, not publishing the proceedings of the entire conference, to prevent the submission of papers by distinguished scientists participating to the 2015 symposium "Santilli new sciences for a new era (this time, Santilli did not attend this symposium in his honor due to disgust for the AIP scientific crimes).

Needless to say, the contributions that could not even be submitted to the AIP proceedings were published in more ethical and credible "refereed" journals. So it is not clear what were the gains of the Jewish control of the AIP except blatant self-damage caused by sheer hysteria on their beloved Einstein theories.

Due to the unchallenged success of their scientific crimes at the 2015 ICNAAM Conference, fanatic Jews controlling the AIP harassed the organizers in two continents of the ICNPAA Conference 2016 by "demanding" them to have the removal of the mention of the AIP co-sponsorship in the award granted to Santilli at the University of La Rochelle in recognition of his leadership in the session "New Sciences for a new Era" held at said conference Santilli's award at ICNPAA-2016.

The request was again done under repeated threats that, in the event said co-sponsorship would remain, the AIP would not publish the proceedings for the rest of the conference, thus throwing the organizers into a studiously intended panic.

To understand the ominous character of this organized scientific crime, one should know that:

1) The "demand" for the removal of the AIP sponsorship was solely made for Santilli's award and not for others, thus adding the claim of discrimination to clear tortuous interference in due scientific process;

2) All "demands" to the organizers of the 2015 ICNAAM and to the 2016 ICNPAA were made under the claim that Santilli is "antisemitic," thus confirming the violation by the AIP of various statutes of U. S. laws any attorney can easily identify. In fact, the AIP misconducts are improper even under the assumption that Santilli does indeed hate all Jews, which is a ludicrous lie; and

3) Santilli received his award primarily because of his presentation of his laboratory synthesis of the neutron from a hydrogen gas for the scanning of containers and suitcases for possible smuggling of parts of nuclear bombs, see the invited keynote talk PRWeb Release on Santilli]s detection of smuggled fissionable material.

Non-experts should be made aware that the synthesis of the neutron from the hydrogen,. even when occurring in the core of stars, is irreconcilably incompatible with SR and QM because the rest energy of the neutron is bigger than the sum of the rest energies of the proton and the electron.

Therefore, Santilli's experimental and industrial achievement of the laboratory synthesis of the neutron via his covering theories is the ultimate and final blow to the Jewish control of science. Ergo, you have the hysterical conduct of the Jewish control of the AIP.

In short, their fanatic abuses by organize Jewish interests of an American Institutions, the AIP, to maintaining Einstein theories when they do not belong has reached such an extreme to spit on the security of their so generous hosting country.

Ladies and gentlemen, is this occurring in the United States of America? or are we leaving in a country were democracy is a sheer farce because Jews should never be criticized no matter how unethical are their deeds because they are a superior cast and all us Americans are "gentiles," meaning "inferior" in Hebrew?

7. Scientific crimes perpetrated by Jewish scientists against H. Arp, E. Mallove, and other dissident scientists.
The third aspect that mandated this blog is the well known evidence that the vexations imposed on Santilli by dishonest Jewish scientists have been systematically perpetrated during the past century against any and all scientists who dared to disagree with their orchestrated maintaining of Einstein theories under conditions they cannot be even formulated on rigorous grounds, let alone tested.

Among a long list of these tortuous interference on due scientific process over one century,we indicate the above recalled "disqualification: of Fritz Zwicky as a "fringe" scientist that has been going on since 1929 (!!! because his theory of the Tired Light violates SR, despite his theory having been experimentally verified on Earth several times )!!!).

We must also recall the treatment by the Jewish scientific community of Santilli's colleague at Harvard University, the experimental astrophysicist Halton Arp. While being a member of Harvard's Astrophysics Laboratory, Arp discovered in the 1970s quasars physically connected to galaxies according to clear gamma spectroscopic evidence, although their cosmological redshifts were very different.

This discovery provided the first experimental evidence on the inapplicability of Einstein's theories in cosmology because, for said theories to be valid, the quasars and associated galaxies should have separated billions of years ago and move at dramatically different speeds.

Consequently, . Arp fell under the wrath of organized Jewish interests at Harvard University and the world over, In fact, Harvard's Jewish physicists E.Shapiro, S. Weinberg, and others requested Arp to publish his dismissal of this discovery.

Since Arp refused to be an accomplice of such a blatant scientific crime, he was thrown out of Harvard University; even though he was the best experimental astrophysicist of his time and had large federal grants.

Additionally, Arp could find no academic job nowhere in the U.S. academia, thus being forced to leave the U.S.A. for an academic position in Europe, and he was prohibited access to an astrophysics observatory "everywhere in the world," as one can see, for instance, from independent eyewitnesses from the documentary A New Renaissance in Cosmology.

To complete the sinister status of the U.SD. science under the misuse of billions of dollars of taxpayer's money due to organized suppression of due scientific process, we recall the case of another Santilli's colleague, this time the MIT physicist Eugene Mallove, who left MIT because of disagreements on ethical grounds on the conduction of research at MIT.

Subsequently, Mallove was engaged in virulent fight with MIT Jewish physicists on their apparent manipulated dismissal of nuclear fusions at low energy to serve Jewish interests on Einsteinian theories while spitting on the need for mankind of new clean energies,

The non-initiated reader should know that low energy nuclear fusions violate SR and QM, as stated by the chairman of the MIT Physics Department, the Jewish physicist Herman Feshback when he publicly accused of fraud Pons and Fleischmann at CNN in 1986 the morning after their cautious scientific announcement of low energy nuclear transmutations, the accusation of fraud being voiced by Feshback without any inspection, let alone verification whatsoever, thus perpetrating a scientific crime.

On May 14, 2004, Eugene Mallove was murdered under very mysterious circumstances. A person claiming to be innocent has been prosecuted and convicted for this murder. http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-mozzelle-brown-verdict-mallove-1025-20141024-story.html

However, the virulent fights between Mallove and MIT Jewish physicists were never mentioned at the trial. Also, there are rumors that the judge was Jewish expected to protect his brothers at MIT, thus providing all legal grounds to declare a mistrial.

The origin of such an incredible conduct by Jewish physicists in the U.S.A. to such an extent of violating U. S. civil and criminal laws without ant sense of dignity or shame is clearly traced to the biggest judicial blunder of the entire history of the United States of America.

We are here referring to the Jewish physicists of the Manhattan project who passed the secrets of the atomic bomb to their brothers in Russian. Only their messengers, the Rosenbergs, were caught, prosecuted, condemned and executed. The originators of the biggest treason in the U.S. history were never prosecuted and actually ended up with important chairs at leading U.S. institutions.

No wonder that the sons and nephews of the Jewish physicists of the Manhattan project feel free to violate civil and criminal U. S. laws since their ancestors were not prosecuted despite the biggest treason in the U. S. history.

Rather symptomatic is the fact that no serious account on the biggest treason in the U.S. history is readily available via internet search, except for blatantly biased misrepresentations that are not worth any quotation.

We here appeal to the great majority of Jewish physicists who are decent law abiding citizens to intervene with their fanatic brothers and stop any and all tortuous interference in the much needed laborious process of surpassing Einstein theories.

By confirming the clear denunciation of any Jewish persecution, let alone the denunciation of any voice against Jews, the Jewish community at large should stop self0damaging propaganda for its own sake and admit the discriminations and other misconducts perpetrated against the German people by a minority of fanatic Jews one century ago in Germany. In fact, said misconduct were such to cause hate by the entire German population against all Jews, including decent law abiding people who eventually paid the price.

Until the misconducts that eventually triggered the Holocaust are plainly admitted, the Jewish community remains at risk of repeating history again, because it would be a tragic fallacy for the Jewish community to deny that millions of people could not possibly be killed by tens of thousands of Germans unless there were clear motivations to be identified for history sake, irrespective of whether right or wring.

It is appropriate to quote Santilli's statement released in various non-technical publications: Mankind is facing increasingly alarming environmental problems that will affect the lives of all our children, whether American, Jewish, Arab or of any other ethnic nature. After working at these problems for fifty years, I can safely state that they cannot be resolved with Einstein's theories. in fact, all possible Einsteinian forms of energy were fully identified by the middle of the past century and they all turned out to be environmentally unacceptable, as shown by Chernobyl in Ukraine, Fukushima in Japan and other environmental disasters. The only chance for mankind to resolve our alarming environmental problems is to surpass Einstein's theories, which are solely applicable to time reversal invariant systems of point particles, with new vistas specifically constructed for energy releasing processes as occurring in the physical reality, namely, for time irreversible processes between extended particles as it is the case for nuclear fusions. Hence, I believe that organized obstructions against the difficult task of surpassing Einstein's theories top achieve new clean energies constitute a threat to mankind.

Following the above background necessary for understanding what;s going on in the U. S. science, here are some of the documented life threats suffered by ,. Santilli from fanatic Jews on Einstein:


First life threat against Prof. Santilli dated February 10, 1989

Eyewitness account dated July 18, 2014

Dear ......,

In reading your courageous denunciation of the incredible scientific crime perpetrated by the Zionist G. Veneziano and his sect under assured backing by the CERN Directorate, I felt obliged to report under the strict anonymity of my name nationality and location that I have eye witnessed life threats by fanatic Jews against . Santilli late one night of February (I believe 02-10), 1989 when he was working at his office at the Institute for Basic Research, the Prescott House, Harvard Grounds, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The IBR office at the left of the Prescott House could be accessed from the courtyard in the left as well as from the left door in the main entrance at5 the center. At night, the courtyard was closed for safety and the sole access to the IBR office was that from the left door in the main entrance. The remaining part in the right hand side of the ground floor was used for offices, and the rooms upstairs were used as sleeping accommodations of scientists visiting the IBR.
The indicated evening I had an appointment with Prof. Santilli to review certain calculations for a joint paper we never finished and he was waiting for me, but I was late for my dinner and other chores. When I entered in the entrance hall in the main floor at 10.23 p.m., I heard through the closed door high pitch altercation in the IBR office with Prof. Santilli voice clearly altered and those of two other persons with the unmistakable Israeli accent.
,p> At one point, I heard clearly one of the two Israelis yelling to Prof. Santilli: Unless you stop your work against Einstein we will kill you.

After that, there was a total silence for a minute or so. i sensed that the altercation was over, and started claiming the stairs leading to the second floor for my safety. At that point I saw the door of the IBR office being opened and the two individuals coming out of it evidently to leave through the main glass door.

Figure 5: A view of the Prescott House within the compound of Harvard University located at 96 Prescott Street, Cambridge MA that housed the Institute for basic research from 1981 to 1989. Note the courtyard in the left and the central glass entrance. the main IBR office was located in the left half of the ground floor. The remaining right hand side of the ground floor was devoted to additional offices and the top floor have sleeping accommodations for scientists visiting the IBR.

While I was continuing to climb the stairs for my safety, I turned my head and saw from their back two individuals wearing the Jewish hat, thus confirming their Jewish accent. I distinctly saw from the illumination of the entrance hall that they were tall and strong, thus certainly they were not physicists.

After the two Israelis left the hall, I did sit in the stairs for quite some time, I went out looking around in the event the two Jews were still around and, when I was sure they had gone, I went to the IBR office to find Prof. Santilli simply devastated by the threats. I hugged him and tried to ask; "Who were these two guys?" and he answered with a voice broken by fear: "They are agents of the Israeli Masada called in by local Jews to do dirty tricks." I personally drove Prof. Santilli to his house because clearly he was not in a condition to drive.

Three months later, the Santilli family purchased two houses in Florida and left Massachusetts never to return.

It should be known that the Santilli's literally abandoned the Prescott House, a property they owned and that was already worth millions of dollars in 1989 due to its location inside the compound of Harvard University. Anybody in good faith should admit that for a family to abandon a property worth millions of dollars, something very very out of the ordinary occurred.

I was an eyewitness of what happened that night of February 1989. I have left my sworn and notarized testimonial with my European attorney (I am not a U.S. citizen) for public release in the event anything happens to Prof. Santilli and/or to his family.

In faith

Name withheld for his/her safety.


Second life threat in summer, 2010 against Prof. Santilli and his associates

The second life threats are dated February 2012, following the success of the 2011 international conference held at the republic of San Marino with the "paid" participation also of various Jewish physicists 2011 San Marino Workshop on astrophysics and cosmology for matter and antimatter This conference resented mathematical, theoretical and experimental evidence on the inapplicability of special relativity in cosmology for both matter and antimatter. In view of the evident value of the conference, Prof. Santilli received the highest honor granted by the Republic of San Marino, which is historical Gran Cross of the Sant'Agata Order carrying a title equivalent to the British title of Sir, see Prof. Santilli's Honors. Following such a huge international success, life threats were first received by Prof. Santilli by phone from San Marino when visiting Italy with the use of the same Jewish language as above, namely, "Stop criticizing Einstein or you will be killed." Additional life threats also originating from Jews in San Marino were moved via email to Prof. Santilli's associates, such as the late Prof., J. V. Kadeisvili from Georgia-Europe (for which reason Jews claim that he did not exist....), to Prof. I Gandzha from Ukraine, for his co-authorship of the book New Sciences for a New Era: Mathematical, Physical and Chemical Discoveries of Ruggero Maria Santilli,, and to scientists. Very sadly, in the current Jewish control of the Republic of San Marino, the courageous politicians who allowed the above international conference in the oldest democracy on record have seen their political career ended.


Third life threat against Prof. Santilli dated June 23,2016

The third life threat to Prof. Santilli was moved in writing with copy to forty two scientists by the Jewish Christian Corda living in Italy with his wife salary. Corda had been under salary by the Santillis for four years at the total cost of $73,000. Initially, Corda was enthusiastic for Prof. Santilli's discoveries, to such an extent that he wrote several supportive papers in the field. But then, as it has been the case for "all" Prof. Santilli's associates with no exception to date, Corda became the target of the organized Jewish scientific crime in Italy with relentless personal attacks to Corda for being "associated to an anti-Semitic guy such as Santilli," and the like, according to documentation available in the internet in Italian and English. Being a Jew, Corda accepted to betray the Santillis while being under their salary. When Corda's ethical misconducts became excessive, his salary was "reduced' from $1,500/month to $1,000/month, at which communication his called in writing a "whore" the Executive Secretary of the R. M. santilli Foundations (documentation available on request). When Corda's ethical misconducts in support of his Jewish brothers escalated, rather than subsided, his salary of $1,000/month was terminated, and Corda stated in writing "fuck you" to the secretary at the time of The Institute for Basic Research. Due to documented increased pressures from his Jewish brothers in Italy, Corda initiated in 2014 a relentless, completely unprovoked, continuous attacks of Prof., Santilli generally communicated to several dozens of scientists without any technical objections whatsoever, just extremely arrogant claims "This is wrong" without any technical proof. The exacerbation caused by the complete failures of his attacks, pushed Corda to send a life threat to Prof. Santilli that can be seen from the link http://www.i-b-r.org/docs/Corda-threat.pdf

Prof. Santilli wears dresses with special recording equipment also used in his cars, in his house and in his office. The above life threats are being reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

The name(s) of the author(s) has been removed for his/her/their protection
as well as to avoid the usual schemes of discussing the author(s) for
the intent of derailing attention from the blog.