Tarpon Springs, Florida, May 15, 2018
Full version of the summary release first appeared in the Prweb Newswire and reprodyuced from the link.

Foreign Slander of Advanced Research for National Security Under Public Financial Support Allowed by U. S. Federal Court

Palm Harbor, Florida, May 16, 2018. The U. S. scientist Ruggero M. Santilli and his wife Carla Santilli have filed in the U. S. federal Court, the Middle District of Tampa, a lawsuit against Frank Israel, Pepijn van Erp et al, from The Netherlands, for years of unprovoked, slander and defamation at the personal, scientific and industrial levels of Prof. Santilli's new technologies first initiated in the early 1980's when he was a member of the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University under DOE support, continued from 2007 to 2014 under support by a U. S. company publicly traded at NASDAQ with the symbol MNGA and, then supported from 2013 on by another U. S. publicly traded company under the symbol TNRG.

Prof. Santilli's slandered technologies are of direct relevance for the improvement of our National Security, including: 1) The discovery of new industrial means for the production on demand of neutrons synthesized from the hydrogen gas; known as Directional Neutron Source (DNS); 2) The application at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Department of Defense for the construction of three Nuclear Weapon Detection Stations, one for our Military, one for Israel and one for continued laboratory tests; and cutting edge basically novel military applications; 3) The discovery of a new optical instrument, known as the Santilli telescope, which has initiated the search for antimatter galaxies alongside the search for dark matter and dark energy, as well as detected unknown entities that are invisible to the human eye and to Galileo-type viewers while hovering over civilian, industrial and military installation; and other basically novel military applications.

The above unprovoked, relentless and systematic attacks are the last of a century-old series of attacks for control of science by "organized academic financial and ethnic interests on Einstein" via slander, defamation, life threats as well as alleged murder against any scientist who dared to surpass Einstein while not being a member of the ring, as it is the case for Prof. Santilli's new technologies. The attacks are complemented with the dubbing of "antisemitism" that, when used to opposed scientific research, is an exploitation of the tragic Jewish people history for unethical aim against mankind. The attacks see their organized climax in Wikipedia, whose manipulated scientific positions requires the discreditation of qualified dissident view. According to an Investigative agency, as well as to Wikipedia archives, Arthur Rubin, David Epstein, Mark Bernstein and their associate controllers of Prof. Santilli's "Article" have organized all criticisms on Prof. Santilli's research quoted in that article while opposing the quotation of qualified confirmatory papers published at high level refereed journals; have commissioned their friend Frank Israel and Pepijn van Erp to implement a massive campaign of defamation in support of the content of said "Article" and are paying the cost of the ongoing lawsuits via California members of their ring.

As a further illustration of the fact that Wikipedia is the darkest shadow on the otherwise beautiful history of American science, we should note that Wikipedia controllers Arthur Rubin, David Epstein and Mark Bernstein commissioned the "engineer" Joseph P. Calo of Brown University to write a slanderous paper of non-technical criticisms of Santilli magnecules that caused untold financial damaged to the stockholders of the NASDAQ company MNGA developing the new chemical species. The dishonesty of Arthur Rubin, David Epstein and Mask Bernstein is then proved beyond "credible" doubt by the fact that they have systematically refused to quote Prof.Santilli U. S. patent on magnecules requiring a post Ph. D. knowledge in chemistry, for the evident reason that its listing would uncover their scheme against America in support of their sinister interests. In addition, in order achieve credibility of their scheme, Arthur Rubin, David Epstein and Mark Bernstein granted to the mercenary, scientifically illiterate blogger Pepijin van Erp a full "article" in Wikipedia in violation of the notability rule of Wikipedia itself, as stated by several contributors. Finally, it should be noted that, thanks to the necessary approval of their "friends" at Google, Arthur Rubin, David Epstein and Mark Bernstein have provided an anchor to Frank Israel and Pepijin van Erp slanderous websites which anchor is the sole "credible" mean to assure that said websites appear immediately following Prof. Santilli's "Article" in Wikipedia years after years. The lawsuit here treated was eventually mandated by the latter Wikipedia-Google abuse.

The known reason for all these attacks is that Prof. Santilli's new technologies surpass Einstein at the mathematical, scientific, and industrial levels to treat new conditions simply unthinkable during Einstein's time, thus explaining the decades of relentless, organized obstructions on a world wide basis. By noting that there is no hope of securing any financial compensation from The Netherlands, Prof. and Mrs. Santilli have acted as True Americans by filing the lawsuit to attract attention on the fact that, following one century of ill-fated tolerance, "organized academic, financial and ethnic interest on Einstein" are now threatening the future of America in its most vital part, the development of new technologies, let alone threatening its National Security.

On March 16, 2018, the plaintiff's attorney Joseph Parrish filed a Motion for Temporary Injunction merely requesting the removal of the name "Santilli" in the URL of defaming websites on grounds that such a removal would not damage them. Besides waste documentation, the Motion also presented the sworn testimony by Scott Tadsen on the financial losses caused by Frank Israel and Pepijn van Erp to thousands of stockholder of the Nasdaq public-traded company, please see the sworn testimony by Scott Wainwright on the impossibility of funding under said barrage of slander, The OTC Markets public-traded company for the continued development of the above technologies of national relevance. On April 4, 2018, the U. S. Federal Magistrate Mark A. Pizzo filed his Recommendations to the Judge supporting the slander and defamation by Pepijin van Erp Erp on grounds of the First Amendment, while quoting a "scientist" a blogger who never started any graduate school, and ignoring fifty years of advanced research by Prof. Santilli at the highest institutions around the world including oblivion on his numerous awards, such as him Pro. Santilli being Knighted with the Title of Sir. On May 4, 2018, the plaintiff's attorney Joseph Parrish filed a very strong Objection against Magistrate Pizzo Recommendations. presenting a quite scholar distinction between the legitimate use of the First Amendment and the damage caused by its abuses to individual U. S. citizens as well as to America. On May 9, 2018, the U. S. Federal Judge Virginia M. H. Covington ruled her Acceptance of Magistrate Pizzo's Recommendations . The plaintiffs Prof. and Mrs. Santilli have respected Judge Covington's decision and, in fact, they have decided not to appeal, while preparing to file a new lawsuit in Europe under their joint European Citizenship where the slander and defamation by Pepijn van Erp and Frank Israel constitute violations of criminal laws.